A fatty or even a flabby arm is just a condition that marks the physical appearance of a person. Even if that person has a beautiful figure throughout the body, the presence of a fatty arm is just all to destroy the whole look. They are hard to carry in a slim and fit dress and also going sleeveless is always a huge embarrassment. Both men and women have the same problems with their arms. Well, you must have already seen many people who have a leaner body but with some unusual physique appearance such as fatty arms. Most of the Girls want toned and also slim arms where men look for bigger muscles. There is almost no one who loves to have saggy arms as they actually make your arms look bigger than what they actually are. It is indeed never too late to begin an exercise for arms and also the best program which gives you the best results for arm toning exercises. It does just not reduce the fat around the arms but also helps to make it toned and properly shared. You will start feeling confident about yourself!

Most of the people who are having fat do suffer only from fatty arms. The whole body tends to remain normal, but the arms just tend to be on the heavier side. All that you need to do is to follow some simple Exercises to Lose Arm Fat At Home! There is indeed no need to become a member of a costly gym and work out while burning your own pocket. If you know the tips and tricks on how to reduce fat from arms, it just becomes much easier to do! You can always perform these exercises at your home using simple things which are available. With this arm toning exercise, you can make your flabby arms turn fabulous in just 2 months. However, the only thing that you would need is determination!


10 Best Exercises to Lose Arm Fat At Home

For general information, the back ends of the arms are known to be as the triceps where the most part of the fat accumulates. The triceps are fat guzzlers and also can be really annoying. All that you need is only a table of chair in order to tone the arms. Well, you do not have to by an extra pair of clothes in order to continue your exercises. The best part is that these exercises can also be done from your home and in your comfort zone as well. So, all that you need to do is try out these simple exercises in order to lose fat from your arms. Follow the 10 Best Exercises To Lose Arm Fat At Home!

1. Weight Lifting
Weight Lifting is a very general and also a Time Tested Exercise which is very much helpful in order to reduce the arm fat and also to have toned arms. Generally, Weight Lifting is very much effective in order to remove the belly fat which strengthens the core. For this exercise, all that you need to do is to select an item from your home to use as a weight. Not much, but even a 2 liter bottle of milk might also be very much effective for this exercise. However, if you have a pair of dumbbells at home is just working fine for the best result. The simple aim is just to reach out for something which weighs around one kilo. All that you need to do is to avoid using something breakable and also valuable. It has many chances to fall down and break, so be very careful about it.

Hold the item with both your hands and lift it over your head. Hold your arms straight as this would be the starting position. You now have to lower the weight by reaching your hand behind your back. Bring up the weight back to above your head again. The slower you move with your arms, the more toned your arms will get. It is very important to make sure that the upper arms are more close to the head and the ears and also make sure that you do not hurt yourself! Also, try to practice this exercise infront of the mirror as this will help you a lot to improve the style. All that you need to do is to move 3 sets of 20 reps each which might help you a lot to get your arms toned. This practically means that you need to move the item 60 times above the head. After every set, you can take a rest of one minute. To get it much more effective, you can slightly increase the weight which would help you to tone the muscles effectively.

2. Chair Dips
The Chair Dips is also another key exercise which not only helps to reduce the body fat of the arms but also of the back muscles. To do the Chair Dips exercise correctly, all that you need to do is simply to choose a bed or a chair which is a little higher to the ground. Anything that will be stable on the ground is always a good choice. To get this proper, a soft element such as a cushion or even a sofa might never be the best idea. It will certainly make the toning exercise harder to perform.

You need to make sure that the furniture is atleast 2 feet higher than the ground. Place it in such a location where you can get atleast 3 feet of free space. Face away from the furniture and always place it into your hands on it. You need to make sure that your arms should be apart from each other. Move away three to four steps from the furniture so that you can keep your upper body straight. This would be the initial position to start. You now have to bend your elbows and move the whole body on the ground. The aim would just be to bend the elbows and then move your whole body to the ground. All that you need to do is to touch the ground. You now have to come back o your normal position. All that you need to do is 3 sets of 20 reps each and every day. The Chair Dips is certainly one of the best exercises which would help you to reduce the weight!

3. Counter Push Ups
The Counter Push Ups are just an amazing exercise which would help to tone the arms that can be easily done using a table or even a kitchen counter. Technically, the Counter Push Ups is a very effective exercise to reduce side fat from your body. You need to face the counter and keep your focus on the exercise which would help you. Keep your arms placed on the edge of the counter and also place your feet touching the base of the counter. Now keep holding the counter and try to move back until you feel that your body is leaning forward onto the tiptoes! All that you need to do is to be very balanced on your feet while your back should always be straight. This would be the position from where you start. Bend your elbows and come down until you touch the counter and then straighten your elbows and come back to the starting position. Continue doing the Counter Push Ups for 3 sets of 20 reps daily in order to tone your arms within a few weeks. Try to be accurate while doing this exercise as will it help to burn the fat quite effectively.

4. Push Ups
Targeting the pectoral as well as the bronchi muscles of your body, the Push Ups are probably the most effective exercise for everyone including a man and also a woman. The Push Ups helps you to enormously tone your upper arms by burning the fat in that area. The best thing about this is the resistance exercise which would initially help you to perform the exercise without any dumbbells or even without anything! Here, your body weight plays the major role in order to melt the stubborn fat that accumulates the arms. This exercise initially gives you the desired results by working on your triceps. It is the perfect exercise for toned arms as well as strong cores. Push Ups might get very difficult at the first time in order to gain the balance. However, it is indeed far better to practice balancing on your hands and knees.

To get the Push Ups done correctly, all that you need to do is to start off with knee Push Ups and then you can go for the normal ones. This exercise will strengthen your muscles and would allow to tome them. Simply lie on the floor based on your stomach and slowly take the position by keeping your feet together. Try to keep your hands apart and wider than your shoulder width by keeping your elbows straight. Now, simply bend your elbows and move your body above the ground. Make sure that your stomach does not touch the ground. You can simply continue doing 3 sets of Push Ups everyday with 10 reps for each. You can gradually increase the number of reps for each of the sets for the best results. This is a very effective muscle building exercise and you must try it out!

5. Scissors
This initial exercise can be always really fun to perform and will help you a lot in order to lose your arm weight. Initially, the Scissors is a very technical exercise which is one of the best cardio workouts which helps to lose weight. The Scissors is a full body exercise which is very helpful. As mentioned by the name Scissors, the exercise resembles a scissor is being opened as well as closed. However, to get this exercise perfectly done, you need to stand straight and try to lift your arms making it shoulder height. This will initially help you to keep a balance and also to perform great.

Doing the Scissors is very easy but if you are being it for the first time, you can try to go slow to get everything done perfectly. All that you have to do is to stretch to side and also bring them back to your front. You can practice a few times daily in order to ensure that the arm speed and also the leg speed are having the same time and there is not much of difference. This time, your left arm should always overlap to your right and would bring out the best results. You can do 3 sets of Scissors for 10 reps on every day! Doing this exercise will always reduce the all body exercise which would be helping out!

6. One Arm Tricep Dips
The One Arm Tricep Dips is really an impressive way by means of which you can lose arm fat to an excessive limit. The One Arm Tricep Dips primarily focuses on the triceps which is rather at the back portion of the arms. However, technically, this is the portion of the arms where most of the fat gets deposited. If you are correct in doing the One Arm Tricep Dips, you can shred upto 1200 calories to get the best results. The best thing about the One Arm Tricep Dips is that you do not require any equipments or even a big space to do. A minimal space in your room is enough to complete the exercise.

All that you need to do is simply to sit on the floor by keeping your legs and the feet joined together. You can bend the knees and also the feet which are placed flat on the ground. You now have to place your hands on the floor behind your hips, palms as well as kept shoulder with. Now you have to raise your hips off the floor by straightening your arms. You now have to bend your right elbow to lower your hips as close to the floor as possible. You can now straighten your right arm following by bending your left elbow to lower your hip as close to the floor as possible. You can repeat on alternate sides to get the best results.

7. Arm Circles
The arm circles exercise for the arms that are always included the most exercise regimes in order to tone and shape the flabby arms. You can do this exercise simply with or even without any weights. Though it is more of a low impact exercise, it is still quite helpful to reduce the flabby shape of the arms. Infact, you can follow a diet plan along with doing this exercise in order to get the best help. If you are eager to add weight, make sure that it is minimal and is not changing the course. You can always hold two 600 ml of water bottles in both the hands while doing the arm circles.

To do this exercise correctly, all that you need to do is o stand with your feet placed to be shoulder width apart while the arms stretches out on the sides. Now, you can simply start doing 50 small circles with your hands just by rotating them in the forward direction. Now, all that you have to do is to switch to 50 small circles with your arms right in the backward direction. The backward and the forward movement of the arms including both the biceps and the triceps would be just the thing that you need. Overall, the Arm Circles is a very healthy and important exercise for you!

8. Single Arm Lateral Raise
The Single Arm Lateral Raise is another concept of technical exercise which is completely builds on power. The concept of the Single Arm Lateral Raise delicates to toning the arms and helps to lose the fat fast from the arms which cuts out the jiggles! This exercise is generally very much effective in strengthening the core muscles. You can easily do this exercise in your home as well as the knees with the hands placed directly on your shoulders. You can also bring up some more innovations by holding a 600 ml of water bottle or any similar weight on the extended arm.

Now, you need to raise the torso up till your right hand is completely straight and your left arm is raised parallel on the floor. You now have to keep your abs engaged and the torso stable in order to hold this position for a few moments. This will help you a lot in order to keep a shape of your arms and burn the lean muscles. You now have to slowly lower your body position to the starting position. You can repeat this exercise by switching the weight on the right arm. Remember to do equal number of sets for both the hands alternatively in order to attain a perfect balance of the body.

9. Half-Moon Rotation
There are indeed a number of exercises which helps us to lose the arm fat and also tone the arm muscles. However, you must understand that doing so does not require a high intensity. The Half-Moon Rotation is such an exercise which gives you the perfect balance of the body to help you achieve a toned side arm. Even medium intensity exercises that involve slow and controlled movements can also tone the arm muscles effective such as the biceps as well as the triceps. Though it might take a longer time than all the other exercise, the Half-Moon Rotation is still something which you cannot stay away from!

To get the best results with the Half-Moon Rotation, you can simply stand up on your hips placing the arms a width apart and rise to the sides. Keep the arms to a shoulder height in order to attain a perfect balance of the fingers together. You can easily begin by keeping your palms facing towards the floor and also then slowly rotate the thumb towards the back until the palms are facing the ceiling. You can slowly rotate the thumb down and forward. To make the Half-Moon Rotation even better, you can simply repeat it 30 times at a stretch for the best results that you can get.

10. Arm & Leg Lift
Last but not the least, the Opposite Arm & Leg Lift is one of the most innovative exercises that you can do if you are running shortage of times. It is indeed an amazing exercise which can be done for the toned arms in order to burn the flabby part and then change it to make strengthen both the arm as well as the leg muscles. Therefore, it should be done every day in order to get a better result for everyone. Both women and men can take the help of this exercise for getting the best results. Initially, this exercise of Opposite Arm & Leg Lift is also very beneficial for enhancing the balance and also for perfecting the posture.

To do the Opposite Arm & Leg Lift with the best result is all that you need to do is to get down in all fours with your knees placed directly below the hips as well as the palms placed directly below your shoulders. Now you have to raise the right arm forward and then stretch your left leg backward in order to get the perfect stretch. Remember that this whole change should be done at the same time. You can create a tension in your back easily by flexing the foot. This will hold the position for a few seconds and then come back to the starting position. You can repeat the exercise using the left arm and also the right leg. You can easily repeat this exercise for 15-20 times on the both sides.

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Tips to Lose Arm Fat and Promote Weight Loss Naturally

Though there is nothing in the world which can take the place of exercises as well as hard work, there are many tips that can help you easily cut out the fat that has been deposited in the wrong places. However, here are few Tips to lose the Arm Fat and Promote Weight Loss Naturally:

  • Count Calories
    You can easily set the target of reducing 500 calories everyday from your diet which will initially count upto 3500 calories in one week. This is generally equal to 2 pounds of weight loss per week.

  • Drink Water:
    One of the key things which appear to be simple but also beneficial is about drinking water. Always try to keep yourself drinking plenty of water to meet your requirements. This will easily cut out the consumption of sugar as well as alcohol.

  • Eat Breakfast:
    Do not try to skip the first meal of the day under any circumstances. If you miss the first meal of the day, it will lead to excessive eating throughout the rest of the day!

  • Set Smaller Plates
    Having your meals from smaller plats will always restrict you to a stipulated quantity. This will help you to reduce the portions and will give you the sensation that you have completed your meal!

  • Avoid Unhealthy
    Try to plan your meals in such a way that you do not feel like snacking on unhealthy salty and also the sugary foods.

These are the best exercise which you might do to lose arm fat. The best part is that you do not need any gym equipments to get these exercises done correctly. Infact, you can try all these from your home. However, to lose these arm fat faster, you need to do all the exercises which are mentioned above!