When it comes to free traffic generation for your website there are plenty of choices available to you. Online marketers follow various tips as well as strategies to popularize their blogs or sites. Different strategies suit different scenarios and thus it’s important that you plan out your strategy in order to attract more traffic to your site or blog. Following are the top 5 free traffic generation tips that will popularize your blog and attract more traffic towards it.

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1)   Promotional emails

Even though a lot of people discard promotional emails as spam, still this conventional method to attract more traffic is popular way to attract the crowd. The more emails you send, the more responses you are likely to get. Even a small mailing list of few thousands can yield decent results.

2)   Posting Banners On Your Blog or Site

You should also utilize your business website for promoting more traffic. You should place a prominent advertisement on the sales letter as well as the main pages. As customers will check out their way on these pages, they are more likely to see your banner and click on the links provided.

3)   Article Submissions

Articles are still one of the easiest ways to reach the masses. Not only it’s free, but also effective. The articles that you write include a resource box where you can put links to your website. You should try to submit as many articles as you can to various directories so that your link is reflected many times online.

4)   Traffic Exchange Programs

You should look for the best traffic exchanges online. Not all the free exchange programs are good, but you will come across several good ones. All you need to do is to spend some time working on the exchanges to promote the site. Also, if your budget allows you can purchase credits and opt for better traffic exchanges.

5)  Testimonial Submissions

In this you need to prepare as well as submit the testimonials for various products and services. You can also include the link to your products and site on these testimonials. You must try to submit at least 4-5 testimonials every day. The link that you will provide at the bottom of the testimonials will be floating in the entire database to which the article directory will mail the links.

Lastly, these are some of the most effective free tips for traffic generation that will help to bring more traffic to your website or blogs. You should check out for more traffic generation and  SEO articles online to gain better understanding.