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Once you have decided to earn some bucks from your blog by featuring ads, it becomes very disheartening when you come to know that your application has not been accepted by the company you applied at. You have put in all your best efforts at your blog, you burnt your midnight oil to create that fabulous content, you took every care while filling in the ad form, you were quite sure that your blog will get accepted, and yet, your request for ads get rejected. You want to know where it all went wrong? Do you want to rectify your mistakes and come out with flying colors? In this post, we cover the most important points to help you get your request approved from the online market place BuySellAds.

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Build up more traffic, and increase Advertiser’s Interest

The best way to attract advertisers is to build up website traffic. You cannot get 1000 unique visitors daily from the first day itself. You need to invest in your best ideas, and give your time, to increase daily traffic. You may opt for better SEO strategies, or simply start promoting your content over Social Media more prominently.

Make your blog attractive, and Eye Catchy

By the above statement, we do not mean that you need to hang some whistles, or bells on your blog, or make it completely flashy. But your blog must seem interesting, and fascinating. You will have to pump up your creative ideas and convert them to graphics.

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Write about Buy Sell Ads on your blog

One of the most useful steps to get approval by BuySellAds is to write about them by dedicating an entire post featuring them. You may call it buttering, but everything’s fair when it comes to the competition in market today. Most of the bloggers have used this method, and got their request approved within no time.

Study Blogs already approved by BuySellAds

Jump to the blogs which have already got their BSA account approved, and study them thoroughly. This will help you understand what type of strategy to follow to get yourself approved. To jump to a specific blog, you may go to and search for any specific niche like Blogging, Entertainment, etc. When you hit the enter key, you’ll have a list of blogs following that niche.

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Earn Social Media Reputation

We all know that social media plays a vital role in bringing traffic to your blog, but do you know that it also helps in building trust on your website. The more the number of followers, likes, and subscribers you have, the more trustworthy your website becomes. As per the concept, you must have at least 1000 likes on Facebook, 500 followers on Twitter, and more than 50 subscribers on Feedburner).

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Some Additional Tips :

  • Prefer a professional “.com” domain over any other domain: Chances of approval are negligible if you have a “.blogspot” domain name.
  • Be sure to post high quality and unique content on your site. This will not only help you gain better traffic, but also set up better relationship with your visitors.
  • Your blog must have at least 300 good quality posts to have your account approved.
  • BSA advertisers always prefer to advertise on blogs which are based on niches matching their requirements.
  • If you have a bunch of other ads prior to sending your request, be sure to remove them. Moreover, chances of request getting accepted improve if your website’s content is in English.