Internet usage increased day by day, mostly used by student for getting information on different topic. also internet used by business man for get updated with market and many more. Most of the people use internet in their mobile and uses 2G services. In starting you will get good speed in 2G but after that it gives very bad speed.  In some cases we simply get bothered by utilizing the bad speed internet.

the bad speed of Internet might happen because of several reasons like : bad signal strength, congestion and load in network etc. None of the mobile company will assurance you the plan with full speed. All mobile internet speed declines after few time of utilization.

In today’s article i am gonna share some tips to increase internet speed of your android mobile. the different tips and trick to speed up internet in your android mobile are as follows.

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  • Clear the cache memory of your mobile. Never store the cache memory of your mobile. Make habit to remove data, apps and information from your mobile if is no longer useful. This is one of the best technique to increase the speed of internet in your mobile.
  • Avoid installing too much of software in your mobile it will decrease the speed of internet in your mobile. always uninstall the sofware which is no longer useful.
  • Change the internet setting to load maximum KB data. to increase the speed of internet in your mobile.
  • If you are using it only for text then you should block images in your mobile. then it will help you to increase the mobile internet speed as well as decrease the charge too. some of company charge per KG. and if you want to load then load low quality image.
  • While surfing internet, do not donwload other applications.
  • Whenever you use internet then make sure about you using it in good network coverage, for good speed of internet in your mobile.
  • Always load mobile view in opera mini, for good speed in your mobile.

I am sure after reading this article you will be able to increase internet speed in your android mobile. :)