Spying Software is all about monitoring people on their cell phone activities, and mostly they are used by employers and parents.

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Employers are always at danger

Organizations need to keep an eye on their employees to make sure they do not waste time on their cell phones during work hours, and for the purpose of catching employee’s gone rogue. Information leaks are another thing organizations have to take care of and by using mobile spying software they can make sure that if any employee tries to do something of that nature they can be caught well before time. Interestingly the average time before employee theft is realized is 2 years, and this time can be reduced close to real-time with the help of such software.

A matter of Parental Guidance

Parents on the other hand need to monitor their children as these days’ children as young as 11 are getting cell phones. This opens up a whole world of new threats for them and hence can be dangerous. Parents can use parental control apps to ensure that their children stay within the guidelines of using cell phones, and it also helps them to get an insight into whether or not their children have fallen into the wrong crowd or if there is anything that is troubling them.

Keeping Privacy Intact

However, there is one major concern when it comes to using mobile spying software; privacy. That’s a big issue especially in organizations as sensitive information can be misused. Likewise it is important to give children a level of privacy as well; it helps them grow and helps them develop character. Stealth Genie is that mobile spying software that enables monitoring by ensuring that privacy is maintained.

The reason for this is because SG allows you to set triggers and alerts. This makes the entire monitoring process a more automated affair. All you have to do is set the keywords and let SG do all the work for you. If the targeted person uses those keywords in any SMS or Email you will be instantly notified and you can then look into the matter to see if it requires any action. Likewise you can even set contact and email address triggers that work the same way.

Works without Fail

Stealth Genie can be a great monitoring tool as it has all those features that are required to ensure that you are able to get the most out of the device. It even allows users to monitor Apps such as Gmail and WhatsApp. You can chose a subscription package that suits you best as they have a number of options depending on your needs. They start from just $8 a month so go ahead and have a look.