Motorcycles are a form of transport loved by millions of us. Some people say they offer a more fun and exhilarating experience on the road. I must admit, I concur with that statement!

If you have a motorcycle, you will no doubt be aware that it needs regular maintenance. Bikes handle a lot more abuse on the road than cars or most other road-going vehicles. As such, they must get maintained more often to ensure safety and durability. Here are some of the top maintenance tasks you should be carrying out on your pride and joy:

Tires: Your motorbike has two of them, and they keep you stuck to the ground instead of getting thrown onto it! Before you get on your bike, it’s vital to do a quick visual inspection of them. What you need to do is check they have no obvious punctures or damage.

You should also do a pressure check on your tires at least once a week. Tires that become under-inflated will impact braking and handling.

Chain Tension: All motorcycles have chains. As with your tires, chains are an essential element of any bike. The thing about motorbike chains is that incorrect tension can damage other parts. For example, it can cause premature gearbox wear and poor gear shifts. It can even impact the rear suspension setup of your bike!

You need to make sure you tension the chain correctly. The process can vary depending on the make and model you’ve got. So, if you’ve got an R1, you should refer to Yamaha motorcycle repair manuals for guidance. Likewise with Honda manuals for VFR1200F models and so forth.

Battery: As with other vehicles, your motorcycle’s battery is essential to get mobile. Without a functioning battery, you would not be able to ride your motorcycle anywhere!

If you ride your motorbike daily, chances are it will be in good condition. But, if you seldom get on the road, your bike’s battery will start losing its charge. If the latter applies to you, I recommend keeping your battery on charge while you’ve got it in storage.

Coolant: Each week, you should check the coolant levels on your motorcycle. Ideally, it should get kept between the min. and max. levels on your expansion tank.

Once a year, you should consider renewing the coolant altogether. Unlike with cars, changing the coolant on a motorcycle is quick and easy. In fact, the whole process will only take you around 20 minutes!

Oil: Another vital fluid that you need to check and perhaps top-up on occasion is the engine oil. And if you wish to service your motorcycle yourself, you can always perform an oil and filter change at home.

You will, of course, need the right tools and a workshop manual to complete the task. But, you’ll save money on your maintenance bills each year. Plus, regular oil changes will help your engine run smoother.

Spark Plugs: Is your motorcycle running a bit rough? If so, the problem might be down to your spark plugs. Did you know that some owners seldom check the gaps in their plugs? It’s important to do this whenever fitting new plugs.

You should also inspect the condition of your plugs on a semi-regular basis. Doing so will also give you a clue to the general health of your bike’s engine. Good luck!