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Index your all posts in google search at once within no time

by Nitin Maheta

Recently, i have published article, How to Index your new blog in Google search engine within 5 minutes. If you are new here, then i recommend you to check out this awesome post. In today’s post i gonna share different trick on how to index your blog’s all posts in Google search engine at once. Whenever, you start your new blog, then first thing is that you want to show it live on the Google searches, but Google takes about 90 days for indexing new blogs and links. but in my last post i have already shared another way to index your blog in Google search engine within 5 minutes or less, and it is also working 100% . it will be possible with help of tool , “Fetch as Google” that is available in Google webmaster tools. anybody can use it freely.

If you have already checked previous post, then you are knowledgeable on how to index your new blog but you should know that you can submit your all posts at once using Fetch as Google tool. You don’t have to submit one by one URLs for indexing. let me explain it in detail.

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First thing you have to do is create a new page or post. and place the all posts links in the single post. and publish it. After publishing, go to Google Webmaster Tools > Dashboard > Choose your blog > Crawl >Fetch as Google.
Enter the URL of the page you created and click on “Fetch” button. Wait for the few second for processing and then you will see the new option “Submit to Index”

Submit to index
then Click on it. There new pop-up will appear and ask you to index single URL or URL with all linked pages. Choose “URL with all linked pages”.

All links
And finally click on “OK”

And wait for few minutes, your blog’s all posts will be indexed in Google Search Engine.

You can learn more about fetch as Google tool here.

I hope this post help you to index your all posts at once in Google search engine.

Cheers!! :D