Hello everyone, In my older posts, i posted many tutorials on feedburner. and in today’s article i’ll gonna show you how to send related posts links in feeds. as you all know that Google feedburner provide us a good service is that they sends daily 1 post to our readers who subscribed us by e-mail feedburner. but i don’t think it is enough to get good traffic from feedburner. suppose if you are running any general/multiple blogs then it doesn’t mean that your subscriber will interested to check your all posts which you send them by your feedburner mail. so what can you do on this situation? how can you make your subscribers/readers interested to lend your blog and read your article on your blog? here’s simple but helpfully trick that will let your subscriber to choose other related posts links on their mail. If you have subscribed to our blog makingdifferent.com then i am sure you have noticed that on your mail or if don’t you ? then you can subscribe us now by entering your email address on  input box in sidebar and click on sign up button. you will get an automatic mail on your email so, after clicking on sign up please check your mail and click on link which will you find on your mail for verifying your subscribe. after that , you will receive daily updates by makingdifferent.com. and also you will able to see related posts on end of article on your mail that was sent by feedburner. or you can check screenshot below to know how your feeds mail will look like with related posts:

How to send related posts links in feeds
You can see in above image, there shows 8 related posts (you can increase number of posts)with title “Related Posts” Now you are knowledgeable what i talking about and how it can be useful for your blog.

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How to send related posts links in feeds?

First of all you have to sign in with your WordPress blog and related posts plugin.
In your WordPress dashboard –> Plugin –> Add New

Add New Plugin
Now, search for new plugin by entering keywords “ELI’s Related Posts Footer Links and Widget”

Search PluginNow, there you will see 2 or may be more result but you have to choose first one with this name : ” ELI’s Related Posts Footer Links and Widget” and click on Install now link. there you will see pop-up message that will ask you to confirm that are you sure to install this plugin to your WordPress? for only security reason then you have click on “yes” for allowing them to install the plugin. After that, you have to click on activate for activate your plugin for works.

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Now, go to your WordPress dashboard there you will see new option “RelatedPosts” on Collapse menu. click on it and you can set or customize it as want and finally click on “Save Changes” and visit your blog –> blog post. there you will see Related posts links at end of the post and it will also shows in the feeds mails.

Related posts

Now your readers/subscribers will receive feeds mail with related posts. hope you enjoyed this post please do comment below if you have any questions or suggestion. also do not forget to bookmark or subscribe to our blog for more tips and tricks. :)