In the event that you are utilizing Google adsense as a part of your blog as a monetizing technique, then you must be mindful of high paying keywords. Each keyword is not paying the same sum for every clicks. Therefor, its prudent to find and embed high paying keywords in your blog or posts. Gave me a chance to demonstrate to in this post how to find high paying keywords for adsense. The straightforward and free tool we can use for this reason for existing is , Google keyword tool. It’s a free product for adsense users. Google keyword tool is not intended for publishers like us, its intended for advertisers who are looking to advertise through Google adwords. In any case, as publishers and bloggers we can use this product to discover the high paying keywords for adsense.


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OK, let’s go with an illustration.
Provided that you are wanting to compose a post about “Webdesign”, go to Google keyword tools and enter the keyword phrase.

Google keywords toolSome filters options are accessible under Advanced options.

When you press the Search button, it will drill down the keywords related to search term. The fields are not difficult to grasp.

Assuming that you still can’t discover the exact suitable keyword for ‘webdesign’, this could be filtered by Match Types in left side.


Evacuate the “Board” type and select either Exact or Phrase.
“Exact” will carry the more pertinent keyword for your search term.
“Phrase” will carry the same search term text in keywords.

However, we are here to get the high paying keyword related to ‘webdesign’, so first don’t change any filter type under Match Types.

The first result screen in Google keyword tool doesn’t demonstrate the Estimated Avg CPC (which chooses the value of keyword), we need to empower this column by doing following steps.


What is Estimated Avg CPC?

As I said prior, this tool is for advertisers. suppose that I’m a advertiser and need to promote my product or benefit through Google adwords, then I need to select some keywords for every ad slot. Case in point if my main keyword for this ad campaign is ‘webdesign’, then I need to pay more than Estimated Avg CPC for “webdesign” keyword for a click to beat the competitors. In this way, my ads will be shown in Google’s first result (Related to “Webdesign”) top blogs and posts entries related to “Webdesign”. So, clearly high Estimated Avg CPC implies, high payout for publishers additionally assuming that we get the correct ads.

Now check Estimated Avg CPC column. Here you need to grasp something obviously and select the correct keyword.


This ought to be acknowledged as well. Assuming that you target just high paying keywords however no one is looking that, then its pointless and you can’t profit from adsense. You ought to be extremely shrewd to select the right high paying keyword. Provided that you select the high searched keyword, then it will have more rivalry. Getting into Google’s first page for this keyword is not under any condition a simple errand.

In this illustration, I might want to expound on ” Top web Designs’. Its having high paying keyword with exceptional search history. Be that as it may shockingly, its having more rivalry with 140,000,000 results (starting today).  so I don’t suppose I can beat them.

search on google

Hence, I accompany my own particular path to use this high paying keyword to monetize my blog entries with adsense.

Don’t hesitate to drop your comments and inference about these steps.

It is safe to say that you are utilizing Google keyword tool for your every day blogging movement? furthermore what amount of do you believe this free service?