Mobile apps have become the call of world due to list of reasons. They have simply become a media via which people communicate with their gadgets. People are relied on their mobile for everything today including search of hotel, movie halls, direction or any other requirement. Indirectly it has become an indispensable part of anyone’s life. Android OS and IOS are the major player of mobile world today. OS is a free software by Google and iOS is invented via Apple Inc. Android has shaped the mobile industry in a much different manner. it occupies almost 1/3 of market is being hold by this industry. There are list of companies that had emerged in this foray in order to make money by the apps. There are few things that you need to keep in mind before making an app if you want to earn good money from it.


1. Easy to access: if you will research all about the popular apps than you will understand the apps that had attained the height of popularity is due to the fact that they are easy to operate.

2. Economical: the price of app should be affordable for mass so that anyone could afford it and should have mass appeal.

3. Utility: the app should have some amount of benefits in it and the customer should never feel that it is a mere waste.

4. Development of app: the app should be developed in a manner that people will choose it to buy. Perfect platform selection is another wise way to get it. The moment you are settled on an android you can shift towards the next agenda. You need to do the research for innovation any new app that could earn fame soon. Generally the app that solves the problems is more popular. If there is similar app available, never forget to tweak them. After research develop your app with agile style of development. Ensure that your app undergo the best stages of polish before exploring the market. Test the developed app to remove any possible bug.

5. Finally submit it: to the father of app, to the Google and don’t forget to spend quality time in advertisement as marketing plays a vital role in popularity. Social networking platform will be the best tools to do it. If you succeed in earning a positive review than fame and money will be in your feet. You can choose to sell your app or to supply it free for trial with paid advertisements.

Final verdict
If you really want to enjoy the opportunity than you have to really move with a planned strategy. By this you could easily earn money and fame by your developed app. Mobile industry has never turned back since its emergence and now it’s your turn to grow with it.