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A blog is a database which lists out the images, texts and other things in an ordered and chronological order.

It was first started in 1998 and alternatively known as a “weblog”.

Blogs are updated on a daily basis and are run as well as maintained by a single individual. Also, blogs do contain personal remarks about any particular topic or thing or a personal ramble or even can be an update to the life of a person.

In various ways, the blogs are even similar, to the personal journal or about the individual life. And is the best way to learn about the events or people or places. Few examples of services as well as software, which can be used in creating and starting your own blog include LiveJournal, Blogger, WordPress, Manila, Radio Userland, Movable type, Typepad.

With the introduction of social networking websites, like Facebook and Twitter, many people even turned to promote their blogs by making the posts.

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