In the older posts, we shared many tips and tricks for blogger, like how to change “Post a Comment” with different text or image in blogger comment form. and today’s article we will share another trick to add a custom comment form title in WordPress. Comments are a great way to increase good relation with your readers of your blog or website. but getting people to comment on your article is not easy. you have to make your readers interested to leave their comments on your articles. it will be possible when you put yourself out there, and ask your readers to participate. for that you must having an interesting comment prompt. Mostly i seeing a simple and boring title on WordPress blog is that “Leave a reply” at above comments form. You need to change it little and be creative.

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First thing you need to do is install and activate the Custom Comment Form Title plugin. after activating the plugin, go to Settings » Custom Comment From Title on this page, you can change the default comment form title. Change it to something more interesting.
Custom Comment Form Title
Main good advantage of this plugin is that it also allow you to customize your comment form title for each post. Go to Posts » Add New and there you will notice a new custom comment form title meta box. (Fore more details check screenshot below)

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Do you have a creative comment tileChange the styles and be creative to show your readers that how much you value their comments.

I hope this article helped you to add custom comment form titles to your WordPress posts.

Thank You !