Some days ago i found out new method to check if Google has indexed your blog or website or not by surfing through some internet marketing and SEO forums. There are several ways you can check this but I’m going to be covering the smartest and simplest method you can use in doing so.

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If you started your new blog then first you have to submit your blog’s sitemap to Google webmaster tool. Indexing your sitemap to Google webmaster is must important for any blogger or webmaster. it will press to Google to be indexed your site fast. also it helps you to check search query, backlinks etc. If you have a blog then i am sure you must own a account, with that same account you can login to the Google Webmaster site and submit your sitemap on it… Learn more

So, here’s a method that you can check your blog or site has been indexed on Google or not and how many pages of your blog has indexed. This is very simple method, you have to just goto on the search box you have to enter a code along with your site name. here’s the code in quote “” after it if your blog shows up in the search result then that means your blog has been indexed by google as well. :)

How to Check Your Blog Has Been Indexed On Google or Not
To check how many post/pages of your blog has indexed, you have to look at the results message at below Google search box, for more details check the screenshot below.

Google Search Results

You can see in above image, I’ve highlighted in red colored “About 527 results” that mean Google has indexed 527 posts and pages of my blog. :)

This is a truly the best method to check if your blog has been indexed, if it hasn’t been indexed don’t worry, here’s a tip on how you can get it indexed.