In this days, i am too busy on designing new responsive WP theme for that’s why i just stopped designing new widgets. so, now i am just publishing informative articles related to tech, SEO, and other, However, most of them are written by paid writers. as i said i haven’t time to write or handle any new project. i will be back in the new year 2014 with new blogger widgets, blogger templates, blogger tutorials, and much more.

In today’s article i am going to share top 10 blogger widgets / gadgets of the year 2013. actually, not all the widgets are made on 2013 but i am talking about Top 10 best blogger widgets 2013 which are made on 2011 or 2012 but still these widgets are popular on the year 2013 and also it in the top 10 list.

1. Facebook Pop Out Like Box with Smooth Jquery Hover Effect

This widget is usage by almost every bloggers, firstly this widget was developed by Harish (founder of ) and i have just re-shared this widget on my blog.

2. 7 Type of Flying Animated Twitter Birds Widget for Blogger.

7 type of animated flying twitter birds widget for blogger7 type of animated flying twitter bird widget. this widget is also popular on the web. It was actually a mod_jtwitter Joomla module. I believe it was developed by for Bloggerized by Harish (founder of . and then i have made some of changes and re-shared this widget with 7 type of animated flying twitter birds.

3.  jQuery Pop-Up Facebook Like-box Widget With Timer for Blogger

Facebook type jQuery pop-up with facebook like box and timer. This widget is 100% developed by me. it is also popular on the online movies and funny photos blogs and websites.

4. Animated Flash Clock Widget for Blogger

Add-Animated-Flash-Clock-To-Your-Blogger-blogFlash animated clock widget for blogger, this widget mostly used on personal blog. where blog owner publish articles about their life and their experience. i have marked this widget isn’t used on tech blogs. this is fact, if you run any tech related blogs then your blog must be pro looking. otherwise you will lost your blog impression from the readers eyes. but if you are running your personal blog where you sharing articles and content related to your life and dreams. then you must add this widget to your blog as decorating propose. i hope you will catch my point and understand what i mean. ;)

5. jQuery Slide Out Social Sharing Box Widget For Blogger

This widget is also one of the best and popular of the year 2013. this widget is also works on WordPress blogs but mostly this widget used on Google blogger blog. may be the reason is i have titled “widget for blogger” . :P

6. Floating Social Sharing Bar Widget for Blogger


Aah… this is another best social sharing widget which gives your blog look better . this widget is also used on many blogs but i am not able to analyse it because of there i haven’t placed any backlink of my blog. but i have noticed this widget on many blogs while surfing.

7. Stylish Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnail From a Particular Label

Stylish Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnail From a Particular LabelRecent post widget with thumbnail from a particular label, this widget mostly used on celebrities and online movies websites. you can also use in any type of websites (or) blog as well. Tip : hide index pages from the homepage and place this widget with different category wise then it will be look great and also it will help you to increase page view of your blog. learn more about how to hide widgets / gadgets from homepage, label page or any of particular page.

8. Spraying animated subscription buttons widget for blogger


This is another cool widget for blogger. as we know social websites are very useful tool for the generating good traffic as well as sharing your stuff with the world. this widget will allow your users to share your blog or blog posts with their friends on the popular social sites like Facebook, twitter, Google+ .

9. Recommended post slide out widget with social share buttons


Recommended posts slide out widget with social sharing buttons. actually this widget was bloggerized by but social sharing buttons feature added by me. and re-shared on my blog. as usual i have created a generator where you can generate widget code with social buttons or if you want this widget without social share buttons then also you can setting up with generator.

10. Javascript Floating Facebook LikeBox Widget For Blogger

Javascript floating facebook likebox widget for blogger. this is widget is purely developed by me. this widget will help you to increase likes in your facebook page. and this is also one of the popular widget. This widget is fully customizable and i have made customization very easy by providing widget generator, you have to just customize it on generator and give on click for the installation.

Here i just described about top 10 blogger widgets but there is many best blogger widgets which you should check and you can add it to your blog in no time.

I hope this post will help you to find perfect widget for your blog. do not forget to share this post with your blogger friends. and also do not forget to leave a comment about what you think and which widget you like most. Thanks. :)