Blogging is one of the best way to make money & get popularity in a short time. With a proper knowledge, method and also implementation will get you succeed in achieving your goals.Here i’m gonna write about five strategies that’s helped me to get succeeded on my blogging career.

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1. Organize Yourself – create time in your life and in your calendar for blogging. Put yourself fully into it to succeed. Try not to miss any calls unless you absolutely have to. Don’t tell yourself that you will listen to them later. You won’t. You can get bogged down very quickly. Definitely make time during the week to work on your blog. That is essential too. I say at least an hour or more a week outside of the class. Put it into your schedule if you must. When people ask me how much time I put into my blog I say “24 hours a day, seven days a week, for the first few months!” Now I’m not suggesting that you do as I do. I was so determined to succeed that I had to just blast through all my resistance and go full guns. But the point is to be committed to success and to make time for it.

2. Think Ahead – think about what your strengths and weaknesses are. If you know in advance that some things will be tough for you, then take it slow in those areas and get help where you need it. This is one of my biggest strategies for success, to always get help where I need it. You can’t possibly learn everything at once, nor can you do well at everything immediately. Learning comes in phases. Pick things you can do and start to do right away and then let your skills and knowledge build over time.

3. Set Your Mind for Success – honestly this is the most important part of all. Are you seeing, feeling and intending success? Or are you saying to yourself, “Oh this is too hard, I can’t do this?” etc. etc. I had to catch a hold of my old stories about myself the ‘former technophobe’ and remind myself of all the things I’ve succeeded at. So be aware of your inner stories and change them to be what you really want which is to do well at your business via blogging.

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4. Create a Buddy System – this is my #1 secret for success in my business life. I have a buddy for everything. This is most important for the difficult things. I suggest start with even one buddy. I’ve set a few of my friends up in advance of the course for this. Find a buddy and talk once a week on the phone if you can. Your buddy doesn’t need technical expertise or advice. They just need to be listened to and to be encouraged to keep going on matter what. Let them talk about their ups and downs but overall support their vision. I have many buddies I work with and a small group whom I talk to every week. We literally don’t let each other fail! If you wonder where to find a buddy, find someone in the course or look for someone else you know that might want to succeed as well. If you need ideas of how to work with each other, just ask me.

5. Last but not least – Have Fun! Believe it or not, after taking Bea’s course, I was so excited about this technology, that I actually went out and taught a small course to some of my local business owners. They thought blogging was irrelevant and most of them hate being on the computer! So I knew I had to hold their hands and get them over the hump. I said to them up front . Technology can feel completely overwhelming at times, so our goal is to always have FUN! They thought I was crazy but I didn’t care. Every time I would see them look bogged down, I would make them laugh or say, “Remember our motto” and make them shout, “Have fun!” So make fun your motto. Yes it’s hard. Some days I wanted to head out to a cave and never come back to my computer. So I would go away for awhile, have a nice cup of tea and then come back and try again. I tried to laugh or at least smile into my computer. Honestly this is not just a nice idea, but a real-life strategy for success.