Rich one go to cinema. Impatient one buy DVD’s and Patient one download movies from torrent. You may fall in one of these three segments. Well, how about watching a movie online? Wouldn’t it be amazing? If downloading movies and waiting for couple of days gives you so much of pain. This post is for YOU! Watching your favorite movie online is a very convenient way to entertain yourself. What you need is a comfortable couch, a basket of popcorn and a descent internet connection.

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Though there are penalty of places on the internet to watch movie online. But the places listed below have the largest and finest collection of movies which will provide you a safe environment as well.

I bet you these are not short clips from movies or trailers. You can see full movie from the beginning to end, though you may encounter few ad interruptions but that doesn’t count when you can enjoy full movie online without any difficulty.

Below is the list of top ten spots to watch movie online:

1. Crackle – Crackle tops my list because of its enormous collection of movies which you can watch for free, no matter whatever is the size of your screen. They have collaboration with Sony Pictures which is another of attractive feature of crackle.

2. YouTube – Apart from funny videos, your favorite game’s trailer and movie teasers, you can also watch movies on YouTube. On YouTube you may look for your favorite movie, you can Scroll down the page and look for “Top Free Movies” section to watch your favorite movie that are for free. You may also find dome movies in parts, but that worth whiles with saving your money and time.

3. Hulu – Here is another one for you. Let me tell you why it is on this list. With it’s partnership with Miramax you can not only watch free movies online but you can also enjoy episodes and documentaries. You can watch SD movies for free but to enjoy the movie in HD you will have to subscribe to Hulu.

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4. Popcornflix – No signup, no worries. Just hit the play button and enjoy the movie. Popcornflix is another great place to enjoy online movie. With its collection of over 1500 movies from Screen Media Ventures.

5. Indie Movie Online – One stop shop for independent movies. You have no idea how fun these movies are. They just missed the chance to get popular. You have a wide range of genre to choose from. You can also watch independent documentaries and short flims.

6. Viewster – Though it is a primary place to rent movies but they also have a fairly nice collection of free movies. There might be movies you haven’t heard of but they are worth giving a shot. You may encounter some ads while watching which sucks up the fun part out of the movie.

7. Public Domain Torrents – If you want to watch B- Movies and Classic Movies, Public Domain Torrents is the place for you. Since all the movies are under public domain so they are completely legal to watch. The best part about the Public domain Torrents is that, not only you can watch the movie but you can also download them.

8. Classic Cinema Online – Collection has only handful of collection at a time. You can also watch silent movies if they fascinates you as Classic Cinema Collection is a nice place to watch silent movies online.

9. Retrovision Yet another name in the list. Retrovision houses classic, comedy, crime, drama and lot kind of movies. Beside from movies they also provide certain good TV shows for free.

10. Internet Archive Movie Archive The Internet & The Movie Archive are no different than the Public Domain Torrents. One can easily access the Public domain movies, watch them and moreover, can download them too.